"Eden's Restitution." ~ Martin Eden

Martin Eden's Pendragon
"The dragon is the same as the serpent ... A symbol of wisdom; a Druidical symbol."
~ Marion Bradley (The Mists Of Avalon)

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Simply to be happy in the ongoing face of chance.

The Polish Crowned Eagle

Polish Crowned Eagle

(A Poem-Prose by Martin Eden 14&15 March 2007)

One is the way
One is the constant
From and to
We are never too soon

Where do we thrust
When do we care
Lost questions
Leading nowhere

The average lowers
The one heightens
The know is there
The one will find it

© Martin Eden

No Refrain
(A Poem-Prose by Martin Eden 31 March 2007)

If it were not for the trouble we've seen
We'd be paired anonymously behind a screen
For to join is to be seen

Were it not for the pandering leaders
We will have foreseen
Perhaps even voted with conscience clean

Who doth goeth to say but the biased from every quarter
Bought by false needs and possessions
Akin to their imposed breed

Let us not pull asunder those who hide
For they are many far and wide
Constrained by the need for omission

What bringeth the Lord we know little of
For he is elusive and racially suited
Yet the subject of prayer and blame

We may not yet live if we find not
The one within so recognizing
For we shame at the thought of no refrain

© Martin Eden

The One So Fated
(A Poem-Prose by Martin Eden 12&13 April 2007)

Who left the dunes of yester hiding
To find the plains so hard abiding
To wander the meandered road of learning
Back to the windswept dunes on high

Where fate should place its tender hand
To help the wanderer, yearning
The choice remains forever burning
For to know is then unlearning

© Martin Eden

What We Need
(A Poem-Prose by Martin Eden 20 April 2007)

There is not the place where we can see
All of life's answers to be

When does the happenstance ever reveal
What we might feel

So what will we need to look askance
At what we did
At what we may have

It's never too soon
To Know
To be
Where all is clear
Whatever we choose to see

It's what we invest that we get back
For it is what we need

© Martin Eden

Never Drier
(A Poem-Prose by Martin Eden 23 November 2007)

The never drier continent
Reels from the dry politician,
Ever hopeful of meaning

The material gains have filled a vacuum
But it's not enough faced with the need for
... Inner Peace

So down the byways all continue
Oblivious to a worldy chance
Yet chance, it brings the fated journey

For the Universe unfolds per good and evil
The humans only have the choice
... And Omnipotence

© Martin Eden

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