Apr 242010

Current mood: sad

Rousseau’s Silence
(A Poem-Prose written by Martin Eden on 24 April 2010)

Rousseau’s deathly silence has come to haunt me
As I struggle against (in)sanity to find my way
Even the perpetual sounds of nature momentarily disappear
And more, the background din of humanity too

There’s a deathly silence in my head
And I cannot hear my heart …

© Martin Eden
*”Absolute silence leads to sadness. It is the image of death.” ~ Jean-Jacques Rousseau, French political philosopher (1712-1778)

Apr 212010

Current mood: happy

Pithy Sayingz-Quotes 028
(Practical Psychology written by Martin Eden on 21 April 2010)

Deep within letting go, there is comfort.

Thought can be a wanderous thing.

Action is a kind of weight loss agenda.

Emotion makes you want to know more.

Feelings are about wrestling with compassion.

© Martin Eden

Apr 052010

Current mood: <|;^)) Metaphysical Pithy Sayingz-Quotes 027
(Practical Psychology written by Martin Eden on 04 April 2010)

There’s such distance in non-demand.

You know, there is contemplation in the ancients.

In among the dostoyevskys, the mongol hordes.

The deeper you know the freer you are.

The ancient tussle of footsteps in the ceiling.

The radiance of power unknown to man.

You know they know, like a radio in the background.

From the deep unknown I can see it all.

The certainties of uncertainty.

Course language.

© Martin Eden

Apr 052010

Current mood: <|;^)) Metaphysical

First Thought
(A Poem-Prose written by Martin Eden on 04 April 2010)

On a slow to casual contemplative walk
Through a field of vertical tightropes
Like primary documents
A litany of fears of past and within, and the need for control
Yet stepped off at any time

Two ancient spirit trees
Dead sculptures above ground yet firmly routed
The first, once, touched sent warmth to and from the ground, now cold
Alongside a crossing in mistrust
The second shelled out offering glimpses of light yet likewise firmly routed

In the midst, perhaps mist, a conduit to an ancient past
While a relative blood from afar comes a-calling so close as to know
Destiny, clarity …
And there in the distance a swan song, an island, in a lake, strewn with ashes
Serenity …

© Martin Eden