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** To have your Website designed by Martin Eden, please read the 'Poster Advertisement', Requirements and Conditions below; then follow through with STAGE ONE and STAGE TWO. **

Martin Eden's ERwebsite Design
Martin Eden's MEHPage Design
Martin Eden's ABRwebsite Design
Martin Eden's LZsubdomain Design
Martin Eden's FNpage Design

*Left-click on each Design-Example-Image (left & right) to view the 'ACTUAL'!

Martin Eden's Website Design 'Poster Advertisement'

*Left-click on each Design-Example-Image (left & right) to view the 'ACTUAL'!

Martin Eden's MFApage Design
Martin Eden's FAVpage Design
Martin Eden's SMpage Design

You will need to e-mail your request for your Website to be designed by Martin Eden via the Form below [ie. STAGE ONE]. After Martin Eden has examined your request he will send you a return e-mail either accepting or declining the assignment.

Acceptance will mean that after an exact costing has been calculated within the category of your choice, and agreement has been reached on a timeframe for completion of the assignment, you will be required to pay an upfront deposit according to the 'Level' you have chosen:
BASIC >>>$25 USD

  1. Martin Eden will commence work on the design of your Website after satisfactory receipt of your Deposit [via STAGE TWO]. At that point you will be notified.
  2. You must be available for liaison via e-mail regarding and during the course/period of the assignment, for the agreed timeframe to be met
  3. You will be required to pay the balance of the initially agreed charge for your Website, and such payment must be satisfactorily received, before delivery of your fully functional, completed, Website is made. Martin Eden will send you an e-mail advising you that your Website has been completed with a Link contained in it to facilitate making your final payment.
  4. Follow-up support will only be available for the 'Complex I' and 'Complex II' Levels, for a six-month period from the date of delivery of your fully functional, completed Website.

STAGE ONE: Complete and Submit the Form below


Your Name:
Your Email Address:
Your chosen Level:
Internet Service Provider:
* Martin Eden prefers to work with 'IPOWER' as Internet Service Provider. But if you have already signed up with another Internet Service Provider please specify who it is, in order to make any necessary coding adjustments. Normally the completed Website will be available for download, however your 'Username' & 'Password' may be necessary for Martin Eden to install it personally (one/both can be changed upon completion and delivery of your fully functional Website).
Major Theme & Subsidiary Details:
- Describe/Detail the 'Major' and 'Subsidiary' Purposes of your Website:
Tick Your Favorite 'Major' Colors:
Black White Blue Purple Pink
Red Green Brown Orange Yellow
>> Other >> / Specify in 'Additional-Message' below.
Write any Additional-Message here:

STAGE TWO: To Pay Your 'Website Design' Deposit

2(a). To pay your Deposit to have your Website designed by Martin Eden, left-click on the 'Level' you have decided on:



2(b). You can add your Deposit (for the 'Level' you have decided on) to the Cart if you wish to buy any additional items, wherever they may be located within my entire Website, by left-clicking on:


THEN ... For a progress Cart list, or to make changes to your list, or to go to the Checkout to make your payment, left-click on >

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